Market leading in solar execution in Europe

Constructions adapted to the environment.

Only renewable energy

Tayan monitors, informs and proposes solutions related to the development and diffusion of renewable energies.

Helping reduce emissions

By going solar, you can reduce demand for fossil fuels, limit greenhouse gas emissions, and shrink your carbon footprint.

Improving the environment

While all manufacturing processes require some water, solar photovoltaic cells don't need water to generate electricity.

Renewable energy solutions

The sun is the world's most abundant energy source, producing an amazing 173,000 terawatts of solar energy every second.


We provide our customers with the best possible energy solutions

Tayan Energy installs and promotes the development of clean energy and promotes initiatives to increase the role of renewable energy in the european economy and society. Renewable energies include: photovoltaic solar energy, low temperature thermal solar energy, high temperature thermal solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, geothermal energy.

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Meet Our Team

Learn more about the team who enables TAYAN ENERGY to function and evolve.
TAYAN ENERGY is the result of their common passion for renewable energies.

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Renewable energy:

From the sky to the depths of the earth

The brands we trust:

Complimentary Skills Sets, our Key Value drivers.

  • Shanghai Electric

  • · Large, established Industry player
  • · Excellent purchasing power, highly competitive procurement
  • · Strong balance sheet
  • · Flexible and fully bankable EPC services, derisking construction risk
  • · Solid composition guarantees to maximise debt provision
  • · Competitive pricing with max. 8% profit margin
  • · Standard bankable EPC contract to be replicated saving time/cost
  • · Back loaded payments schedules to reduce debt drawdown
  • · International experience
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Solar PV Investment: Value chain overview

The solar PV Value Chain stages are the following:

A Green Development

Site identification, land lease negotiation, prefeasibility study and grid access.

B Dark Development

Feasibility study and Solar plant authorizations such as Environmental declaration, Administrative authorization, Project approval and construction permits.

C Commercial Structuring

Through a PPA or hybrid merchant structure.

D Finantial structuring

Capex and finantial dimensioning, SPV structuring, DDs, Lenders.

E EPC Construction

Budget, calendar, segmentation, bidding and supervision of the EPC works streams.

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